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GI Joe Season 2 Part 1 DVD

Last Updated May 27, 2005


Contact Sony about the GI Joe DVD!

The rights for the GI Joe series (along with other Sunbow series like Transformers and Jem) have been purchased by Sony Music (who's children's division is called Sony Wonder). This leaves the final Season 2 Part 2 DVD up in the air. So far, Sony has not announced any plans to release Season 2 Part 2. So we encourage GI Joe fans to write to them to make sure they at least release S2 Part 2.

You can send Sony feedback using the following form: (Under the Subject pulldown, you can use Sony Wonder)

Or you can write to Sony at:
Sony Music Online Services
550 Madison Ave, 24th Fl
New York, NY 10022-3211

Update on G.I. Joe Season 2 Part 2 DVD!

Many have been wondering what's going on with the final GI Joe DVD set and we finally have an answer. Rhino has lost the rights to the Sunbow library (including GIJoe, Transformers and Jem) and has removed these titles from their website.

Sony currently owns the rights and will hopefully release Season 2 Part 2. And if needed, we will post Sony's address or email addresses so fans can help encourage them to release it.

Season 2 Part 1 Coming Out Aug 17th!

GIJoe Season 2 Part 1 DVD is being released on August 17th. The three dvd set contains the first 15 episodes of season 2 (including Arise, Serpentor, Arise) and exclusive interviews. You can pre-order at Amazon.

DVD News

GI Joe Season 1 Part 2 DVD is coming out June 29th. It contains ## episodes of the first season. The extra include interviews with Bill Ratner (Flint) and Mary McDonald Lewis (Lady Jaye). You can order at Amazon.

The GI Joe Season 1 Part 1 DVD set will be released on January 27th. This four disc set includes the first 27 episodes, along with some special features (perhaps some interviews with some of the creators).

You can pre-order at Amazon.

GI Joe On TV

GI Joe is currently airing on the Boomerang cable network on Sundays.

You can check their schedule here.

DVD News

G.I. Joe - Real American Hero/Revenge of the Cobra is now available on DVD. It contains the first 2 mini-series. It's available at some Best Buys, Suncoast Video, and other DVD specialty stores, or online at Amazon.

I would like to thank all of the people that contributed to this page. Without their hard work and dedication, the Ultimate G.I. Joe Page would not exist. I would also like to thank all that visit this page for keeping the spirit and memory of G.I. Joe cartoons alive. Yo Joe!

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