Written by: Andrew Sene

The GI Joe series was taken over by DIC in 1989. Story editor Buzz Dixon explained in an interview with UGIJCW: "Hasbro had been funding G.I. Joe out of their own pocket; they got a ridiculous deal from DIC to take over the series and they pretty much let them."

DIC was originally a French animation company owned by Jean Chalopin, but moved to the US in the 80's and was taken over by Andy Heyward. Although people joke DIC stands for "Do It Cheap", actually it stands for Diffusion Information Communication. Other cartoons they have produced include Mysterious Cities of Gold, Pole Position, Inspector Gadget, Littles, and Madeline. If you don't think they can do quality animation, check out Starcom.

The series takes place sometime after GI Joe the Movie but much of what happened in GI Joe the Movie and the Marvel/Sunbow series in general are completely ignored. A things are similar, like Cobra Commander being a snake. Many of the characters look and sound completely different, with new more brightly colored uniforms. A few of the original voice actors returned, but by the second season the show was made up of an all Canadian cast.

Operation: Dragonfire (1989) - The five part miniseries that began the DIC series

Season 1 (1990-1991)

Season 2 (1991-1992)