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What is the GI Joe cartoon?

The GI Joe cartoon was a Marvel/Sunbow cartoon series that began in 1983 with GI Joe: A Real American Hero, a five part special. It was followed by another five parter: The Revenge of Cobra (GI Joe II) in 1984 and then became a regular series in 1985. It continued to air until 1995 on the USA network. The show is about a military special forces group saving the world from a terrorist group called Cobra. It had excellent animation, a sensational voice cast and the greatest audio and video editing ever.

Why have a site for the GI Joe cartoon?

Why not? This site was created in July 1997 since none existed. Every other GI Joe site back then was devoted to the toys, the comic books or the 1960's Joes. The Joe cartoon was a big part of many of the children of the 80's lives and we felt that there should be a site devoted to it.

Why aren't there episode summaries and images from the DIC version of GI Joe?

This site is devoted to the Marvel-Sunbow GI Joe. We have nothing against DIC. We love DIC! It's just that those episodes were an insult to GI Joe. If not for DIC, there quite possibly would have been a third season of the real GI Joe cartoon. (in fact, check out the interviews with Buzz Dixon and Christy Marx for more on the DIC GI Joes) If you remember episodes not listed on the page, most likely you're thinking of the DIC episodes.

Why aren't there episode summaries and images from GI Joe Extreme or Sgt Savage?

Simply put, those aren't GI Joe.

Sunbow Productions is now owned by Sony?

As of Apr 28, 1998 Sunbow Entertainment was bought by Sony Wonder, a division of Sony Music. Sony Wonder distributes of video children's programs, like Sesame Street, so now Sunbow's animation library can be distributed under the Sony Wonder label. Sunbow will remain an independent production company, and CJ Kettler is still the president of the company. Sunbow was sold for around 10 million dollars.

What is Sunbow and what do they have to do with Marvel?

Sunbow Productions was founded, and owned up until 1998 by Griffin Bacal Advertising in New York, who's major client was and still is Hasbro. After Griffin Bacal produced an animated commercial for the GI Joe toyline, they formed Sunbow to produce Hasbro's cartoons. Since then, Sunbow has tried to get away from the toy-based cartoons, and are currently producing The Tick.

Marvel Productions was formally DePatie-Freleng Animation. After producing Spiderman and Dungeons & Dragons most of the same people worked on GI Joe. Marvel Animation was later bought by New World, which has since been bought.

Video Tape Questions

Where can I get video tapes of the episodes?

Rhino is currently releasing GI Joe videos. They are available online at e-retailers like Amazon and Videoflicks. You can also look for them at stores like Best Buy, Suncoast or Media Play.

Some episodes were released on video tape in the 1980's and can be some times found anywhere used video are sold or on online auction sites like Ebay.

For a comprehensive list of the videos that have been released in NTSC (US/Canadian) format, see the GI Joe Video List.

Will you dub me copies of GI Joe episodes?

No. We're far too busy to dub copies and we don't need Hasbro/Sunbow or anyone else mad at us for pirating videos.

Is GI Joe ever coming out on DVD?

GI Joe the Movie was released on DVD in the fall of 2000 and the first two five parters were release in Winter 2003. They're available online at Amazon and Videoflicks and at stores like Suncoast.

Rumor has it that Rhino will also be releasing some episodes of GI Joe on DVD later on.

Animation Art Questions

What are cels? And where can I get some?

Cels are thin pieces of a plastic type material that are painted on then filmed to produce animation. Literally thousands of cels are used to create 22 minutes of animation.

So where are the Joe cels now?

Well, that's a tough question. Some people say they were destroyed, others that they are being warehoused somewhere in Japan. The cels that are available from animation art dealers are from people that worked on the production, are very expensive and hard to find. The problem with cels from cartoons like GI Joe, is that no one clearly owns them and there are loads of copyright issues if they were to try to sell them.

Also, none of the cels on Maryann's GI Joe Animation Art Page are for sale. They are all part of her private collection.

You can also view additional GI Joe cels at: Kett's Cel Gallery

Is there going to be a sound archive?

Our most asked question, actually. And due to popular demand, we have added a sound archive.

What does the future hold for the Ultimate GI Joe Page?

Well, hopefully more interviews with people that worked on the show, fan fiction, and more images.

We've simply outgrown Geocities unfortunately. When we started looking at re-doing the site, it's just too difficult to just use static HTML pages, so we're looking to move hosts right now and working on a completely new layout and graphics.

Who all are on the Ultimate GI Joe Cartoon Website Team

The site is currently run by Maryann. I'd like to thank Jodie White, Terry White and Kett with all the work they've put into the site over the years.

We'd also like to thank:Mike, Nathaniel White, Derek, Shelly, and Kris.

Voice Over Questions

Where was the cast recorded?

Wally Burr North in Burbank, CA.

Was the cast recorded together?

Yes. Unlike the behind the scenes you might have seen of Disney movies, the cast sits together and records the script with a the voice director and producers. For GI Joe, the sessions were as long as 8 hours. There was both a rehearsal, and then the record session. This was before digital audio editing computers, so all of the dialogue was cut together on 1/4" tape.

What are the GI Joe cast members up to these days?

This section has gotten so large, it has it's own page!

Click here for the new GI Joe Voice Actors Page.

What does GI stand for?

GI is an old World War II term that means General Issue and Government issue. It was used to describe regulation equipment, but was applied to the common soldiers in WWII. So GI Joe sort of means "Average Joe". (For more info, see entry at")

Destro and Baroness have names. Why aren't they listed on your site?

In 1997, the Hasbro finally gave Destro and Baroness names and elaborate backstories on their filecards, listing their names as James McCullen and Anastasia Decobray. However, we chose not to list this information, just like we don't list updated ranks from the new filecards.

The site is primarily for the 1980's cartoon in which the writers obviously did not have that information from those filecards. In an effort to not confuse people about what was or wasn't in the 1980's cartoon, we put Destro and Baroness' real names as Unknown.

For any other question, comments, or concerns email